At Digital Keepsakes, we understand that wedding expenses can stretch any budget, and we strive to provide great value for your wedding video investment. Producing a first-rate Wedding Video is an involved process. It takes much more than showing up at the wedding with a camera, and then making DVDs.

Here’s what’s included in your investment:


We meet with you to discuss your wedding day plans and learn of your vision for the video. We’ll tell you how we plan to cover it, and make sure we know what you want us to include.

We attend your rehearsal to determine where we can place cameras and audio equipment to fully record the ceremony.


Your package includes two professional, experienced videographers to produce your wedding video. They come from a background of shooting weddings and events, and know how to be at the right place at the right time to get the shots that will make yours an outstanding wedding video.


First-rate professional grade video cameras will be used to capture the footage at your wedding. The cameras capture full HD 1920×1080 video.

To avoid that shaky, home-video look, we’ll use tripods and monopods to keep the cameras steady.

We use portable recording devices to get TV-quality audio of your vows, readings, music, and speeches.


It takes over forty hours of professional editing to combine all the footage from multiple cameras with the audio from multiple audio recorders to tell the story of your Wedding Day. We’ll also take time to ensure that the colors are true and bright, and that the audio is clear and at just the right volume.


We license royalty-free music from several sites that specialize in providing music for filmmakers to accompany the cinematically edited segments, like the Wedding Day Highlights. Paying license fees ensures that your video can be posted on social media sites without fear of being taken down or facing legal action.


Depending on the package you choose, you’ll receive four to six copies of your Wedding Video on optical disc (Blu-ray or DVD). You’ll be able to navigate through chapter markers to jump to any segments that you want to watch again.

The discs will have a custom label printed right on the surface of the disc (not a paper label), and will be presented in a DVD case, also with a custom label.

You can specify all Blu-ray, all DVD, or any combination.