From our beginning in 2002, Digital Keepsakes has been committed to producing the finest Wedding Videos anywhere.

Our style can be described as “Simple yet Elegant.” We’re not just shooting video of your big day; our goal is to tell the story of your Wedding Day without letting special effects or technology get in the way.

We’re professionals: we work quietly and unobtrusively — we won’t get in the way during the ceremony or the reception, yet we’ll get all the footage we’ll need to cover your Wedding thoroughly. We’ll usually take up to eight hours of footage to edit into your Wedding Video. We won’t use lights at the ceremony at all, and will use them at the reception only to the extent that it keeps the picture from looking grainy and washed out.

We pay particular attention to capturing great sound. We use professional recording devices to capture the readings, music, and vows with clarity.

Our editing is meticulous. We always take our time to gather the best shots from the best angles to give you a video that conveys the emotion, excitement, and joy of your Wedding Day.


John Tunney, founder and head of Digital Keepsakes, began shooting film in high school. Switching to video later on, he continued to document events for family, friends, and organizations. Before computer video editing developed to the point where it is today, he followed the principle of “shooting for the edit,” which results in well-composed shots that require little editing.

Today, Digital Keepsakes cinematographers employ the same techniques and produce outstanding shots that help tell the story of your Wedding Day. Our cinematographers all come from a video or photo background, and have extensive experience in filming weddings and other events.